How Can You Avoid Getting Ripped Off or Robbed While Buying Video Surveillance Systems?

Buying a video surveillance system to monitor your home and surroundings is fast becoming a norm because of the peace of mind it provides. However, a few things should be kept in mind while buying these systems so that you don’t get ripped off or robbed of your time and money.

  • There are many surveillance systems available right from the very basic models to very advanced and sophisticated ones. As more and more advanced technology and features are added, the cost of the system rises. Figure out your requirements and buy the best system that fits in those requirements rather than going for the most advanced system available in the market.
  • Many low-quality brands come with compromised code and backdoor exploit. Therefore, you should always buy a quality security system and make sure to change the default password. The new password that you chose should be strong. Avoid using birthdays or names of family members, which are passwords that can be easily decoded.
  • A lot is said about the camera resolution. You should understand that proper camera resolution needs to be matched with the right recording layout too. Buying a camera with “an excessive” or “too little” resolution goes futile. The resolution should be chosen such that it suits the purpose that you need the system for and it should also be matched with the right recording layout.
  • Many companies keep some snappy name for a basic feature that is available in most of the cameras. Using the term “True HDR” is not only cynical, but it is also intentionally misleading the consumers.

  • At times, you will find that though the cameras are technically of 1080P, the video still looks blocky. This happens because such cameras lack the processing power that is required for modern file compression. The slow processors and old compression make the video look terrible. So, make sure to buy a branded system from a reliable manufacturer.
  • It is extremely important to buy the security system after assessing your needs and requirements. Let’s say you need to monitor the surroundings of your home. In this case, you would need a wireless robust system that can bear the climatic conditions prevailing outside and has a night vision feature included. The same system, when installed for watching your pet inside the house, will be a waste of money.

Buying a proper video surveillance system needs some prior research or else there are very high chances that you will either be ripped off or robbed.