How to Maintain Machinery in Your Factory

The machines in a factory play a very important role in keeping the production going. Most machines in a factory are running throughout the business hours without a break. However, these machines need to be serviced and maintained regularly to keep them in prime condition. Failure to maintain the machines can lead to breakdowns that could affect production and could ultimately affect profitability of the factory and your company in general. Maintaining the machines is not as simple as you might think; different machines run at different intervals, and thus, they are all on different maintenance schedules.

In the past, maintenance managers and factory staff had to manually update the maintenance schedules and call the servicemen when a machine required maintenance and servicing. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, it has become much easier for companies to maintain the machinery in their workplace. Today, companies can leverage powerful solutions, such as the ones offered by, in order to maintain their machinery. Here are a few things that you should know about maintaining the machinery in your factory.

Set Maintenance Schedules

If you are using a computerised maintenance management system, you just have to add in the information for the maintenance required by different machines. The system will automatically update the days and then inform you to contact the maintenance company for servicing the machines. There are two kinds of major maintenance systems that can be used in a modern enterprise, overall equipment effectiveness systems and computerised maintenance management systems. The equipment effectiveness maintenance systems are designed to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the machinery in order to determine whether they are operating properly or not. If there’s a dip in the machine’s effectiveness, you can contact the servicing company to visit your factory and carry out repairs.

Data Handling

Data handling is essential for machine maintenance. Many companies compile large amounts of data in order to track the efficiency and the effectiveness of their machines. You will need to install a system that allows for accurate reporting through multiple dashboards and also provides alerts in case a machine breaks down.

Thankfully, modern computerised systems are more than capable of tracking and providing real time information about the effectiveness of the machines in your factory. Moreover, these systems also help with quality and energy monitoring, making it easy for engineers and analysts to track when a machine needs to be replaced outright. They also come with Root Analysis Cause tools, allowing you to consider alternate scenarios as well.

Installing and implementing such a system is obviously going to be expensive, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Not only will your company efficiency increase as a whole, but the performance of your machinery will also remain at peak levels. These systems will help minimise down times and ensure greater productivity and use of resources. These are a few things that you should know about maintaining the machinery in your factory.